Thousands of years ago, the Dwarven empire of Morador sought to expand the reach of their empire underground. The expedition was mainly of dwarves, with some humans, elves, orcs, gnomes, goblins, and halflings accompanying them for support. The progress of the expedition was tracked down into the world.
Then the collapse happened. The Human empire of Gradoniel invaded, and in their bloodlust, collapsed the tower that held the entrance to the underground within. The rocks filled the entrance, sealing it off. The Gradons didn’t realize, but they had shut off a valuable resource.
Meanwhile, things underground weren’t going well either. They had been sealed off, which would have been fine if it hadn’t landed on their base camp. Without mining tools or food, the expedition searched long and hard until they found a source of underground mushrooms. There were miles and miles of these mushrooms, and soon the expedition had more than enough to survive. They lost focus on escaping, and concentrated on expanding.
Soon the expedition had carved out enough land for a small country, and a small country they made. A leader stood out. It was Nithron, a dwarf from the leadership of the expedition. He set down a code of laws and drafted a military to uphold these laws. As the above world was stricken with war, the under world began to flourish.
After thousands of years, the Underworld has mined enough land for several empires to exist, and the Overworld has reached an era of uneasy peace. This is the story of the Undermines.

The Undermines