Nemorador is the largest and oldest empire in the Undermines. Its name comes from “New Morador,” named after the dwarven nation that first started the expedition. The leadership consists of only dwarves.

Trade and Wealth
The main trade of Nemorador is trade of the metals from the vast mines they have access to. Most dwarves, no matter what social class, are connected in some way to the mines. Other forms of jobs in Nemorador are Mushroom Cultivating and Harvesting. Since mushrooms are the main form of food, not only in Nemorador, but throughout the Undermines. There are also positions for doctors, peacekeepers, and other similar positions. There are also many positions for mercenaries and adventurers, to maintain order and help the expanders (miners who focus on growing the size of the Undermines) with the ambushes and need for strength.

Nemorador is led by one leader, with a council below him. The leader is a descendant of the original leader from the first expedition, and is always dwarven, never a half-dwarf. The council is elected by the citizens of Nemorador. Any citizen can vote, but only Dwarves can run for a position of power.
The Council consists of several positions, some lasting for life, others lasting for a set amount of time. The positions cover a variety of issues. These are:
Head Mage: Most powerful mage in Nemorador. Position for life.
Head of Military: Leader of war and defense. Elected every ten years.
Public Relations: The link between the Council and the public. Elected every two years.
Head of Council: The leader of the Council. Keeps discussions civil and tells decisions to
District Leaders: One leader from each district, to represent districts in discussions.
Head of Intelligence: Leader of spies and secrets in Nemorador. Position unknown to public.

Nemorador was formed as soon as the expedition was cut off. After two weeks, a leader was chosen, and the expedition became a community. The community’s reach grew, and the mines expanded. Soon it reached the size of a small country, and the minorities began to grow. Particularly, the populations of elves and orcs began to grow rapidly. Then the unity was threatened.
A great orcish bard rose from the masses, known as Krantin. He saw how the Orcs of the Undermine had less rights and less wealth than the dwarves. He found this unfair, and spoke out. Other Orcs joined, but the movement was not strong enough. Then they got an extra push. The Elves felt they had been wronged, since they had never been given a chance to get profitable jobs, and they had more rights than Orcs, but still not enough. Orcs and Elves joined together and rose against the Dwarves. They started a war that lasted not even a year before the Nemoradons had a solution. They granted the Elves and Orcs their own land to use. They created Gordoon.
After Gordoon’s rising, the empire settled down slightly. Its rulers became more cautious, more defensive, and more focused on stabilizing the empire than expanding it. The empire grew very slightly in this era, but it grew to be stable and secure. Business was prosperous, crime was low, and arguments occured very rarely. It was known as the Era of Peace.


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